A Beautiful Mountaintop Village

Location: Jiang’ancun, Fuxin, Tiandeng County, Guangxi Province, China

Almost 90% of this village is on the mountainside or mountaintop, the forest coverage rate is so high that you can see trees everywhere, it contains terraced fields, forest and mountains scenery.

The way to the mountaintop is pretty well, there’re beautiful trees on road sides, but it’s so steep on some parts, be careful during the moist day.
Looking back when arrived at the top, forest and mountains, what a breathtaking view!
The old tile-roofed house and amazing views.
The brook flows quietly, an old horse grazes at ease, the beautiful hills and trees, I will miss them so much.
Look at that high mountain up there, I know I am on the mountaintop either, what a quiet place, make me feel so comfortable.
I will be back again during the foggy days, that would be an even more beautiful world here. To be continued!