A Hidden Forest Valley

Location: Dongweitun, Jiaohuicun, Dukang, Tiandeng County, Guangxi Province, China

I was looking for a kind of Chinese herbal medicine for my kid, a friend told me that I will find it there, I wouldn’t know there’s such a beautiful valley without the help of the local village people, because it’s hidden on the mountain top behind the small village.

After getting through the village at the foot of the mountain, it takes me roughly 20 mins without any stop to arrived at this spot above, looking back, beautiful green trees and mountains.
A higher location, the more clear karst landform view.
Keep forward, looking through the first valley, a mysterious narrow valley located in between the pine forest.
Getting closer, the wild plants lush, wild fruits are everywhere. Keep going to the end, the narrow valley would turning right, and the valley is wider and bigger.
Looking back the first valley and the distant mountains, yes you will know I am standing at a high altitude position.
Going deeper and higher, half blue and half green, such a beautiful time.
What a pity that I didn’t have much time for more sunny photos as the weather is getting cloudy and darker… to be continued!